Doll Outfitting by Jennifer Wood

Custom Doll Creations

Outfits and accessories for your favorite collectible dolls.
Beautifully crafted and creatively designed.

I am delighted to share my hobby of doll collecting and sewing doll designs. I have always enjoyed sewing, fabric, and color, and now when I sew doll clothes, I get to play, too!

My doll collection is ever-growing. At first I thought that I would only buy dolls as sewing models, but I soon found that I buy them because I love them! I collect a wide variety of dolls, including Kish Riley, Kish Chryslis, Asian BJDs, Tonner Tyler 16" fashion, Marley and Ellowyne Wilde.

The Tonner folks ran a raffle for the followers of their 2010 The Sun, Moon and Stars convention blog... and I was one of the winners! They sent me a fabulous Dramatic Antoinette doll. I finally have some pics to share! I only had one Antointette prior to this, the Idyllic. They are perfect together! So, I have some pics of them both hangin' out, too. Thank you so much, Tonner! This was a delightful surprise!