Doll Outfitting by Jennifer Wood


Outfits and accessories for your favorite collectible dolls.
Beautifully crafted and creatively designed.

I'm a doll collector and I like to sew. I have always enjoyed sewing, fabric, and color, and now when I sew doll clothes, I get to play, too!

I was drawn into this hobby when I found Magalie Houle Dawson's website and her amazing creations for Gene. I wanted to make beautiful clothes for dolls, too. I didn't dare to start until I found Tonner's Ann Estelle dolls. They were small and cute, and I learned how to sew on a small scale to create little outfits for Ann and her friends. I've been expanding my collecting and creating ever since.

I enjoy lots of different dolls, and really have been bitten by the collecting bug. I am going to be updating this website to share pics of my doll collection, pics of the doll clothes I have sewn, occassional doll items for sale and a few free patterns for you to use.